Daily Life

Glimpses of Gloriousness

For a few seconds this morning, I got to have a couple of glimpses of gloriousness.

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve noticed Tokyo’s outer suburbs have had some amazing sunrises and sunsets.

The old sayings about red skies in the morning and night seem to have been put to bed as we’ve had many days with both and rain either turning up or not falling in contrast to the conventional wisdom.

Due to timing, I’m lucky enough to be out on my bike on most days now as the sun appears in the sky.

This morning I was rewarded big time.

I noticed that we were getting something pretty special as I reached a point in the Tamagawa Cycling Road where the track disappears for a while and needs to be rejoined following passage through a tree-lined neighborhood.

I rejoined the track to be greeted by a flaming sky full of yellow, pink, orange red and purple, the clouds doing their best to complement the colors.

I stopped and took some photos, got a couple more a few hundred meters down the track, and by the time I had reached the halfway mark of the ride and headed toward the sun, it had already climbed into the sky and was beating down on my furiously rather than beautifully.

It made for better luck than the weekend. Twice I had headed out on the Death Machine as sunset approached, but was unable to get decent photos or footage on either day.

Hopefully, the little luck to start this Monday will bode well for what’s shaping to be a challenging week.