Daily Life

Prayers Gonna Pray

I’ve been praying a lot lately, which is bloody hypocritical because I don’t really believe in having to rely on an imaginary friend.

It’s been a rocky start to 2024 for Japan, beginning with the deadly New Year’s Day Noto Earthquake, a fatal crash at Haneda Airport the following day and general doom and gloom thereafter, despite the Nikkei index headed toward a record high, surpassing the lofty level it held when I first came here in the bubble era.

Not much is going right personally or professionally, and that’s driving me to seek any sort of assistance that’s out there. Or not out there, in the case of prayer. Funny how I still revert to fairy tales when shit hits the fan.

Life has taught me that salvation is an inside job. I’m praying that I’ll be able to make that job work at least! In the meantime, my prayers will be directed toward asking for the success and well-being of others and the hope that I may be able to contribute toward that in some way.