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Aussies looking to help out Japan following the Tohoku earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster can find ways through a newly established Australian Government website “Australians Helping Japan.”

Let’s help this great country and great, long-time friend of the land Down Under to get back on its feet.

Australians Helping Japan

Striking a Light for Strine 「豪」にいれば「豪語」に従えって?

Hugh Lunn, one of the most vocal advocates of Strine and arguably its greatest modern protector, is about to release Words Fail Me, a follow-up to his 2006 bestseller Lost for Words, which told the tale of disappearing Australian English, mainly due to American cultural influence on the mass media.

ヒュー・ラン氏は、ジャーナリストのヒュー・ラン氏は有数のオージー英語の最大の支持者で、保護者とも言えるであろう。同氏は近年オージー英語をテーマにした著書「Words Fall Me」を発刊した。同書は絶滅しつつあるオージー英語についての話題が中心となった2006年発行の「Lost for Words」の続編である。

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Lucky Country, the

lucky country, the

Australian English
Australia. The term was coined by historian Donald Horne in irony. He argued that Australia was lucky as it became a rich land only because of its natural resources instead of the cleverness or effort shown by other nations. Instead of being shocked by the term, Australians adopted “the Lucky Country” to use as a favorable synonym to describe their land.


Plain English

Lucky Country-usage examples

With beautiful weather, strong unions and 35-hour weeks, Australia is the Lucky Country.天気が良くて、労働組合が強くて、週35時間しか働かないので、オーストラリアって本当にラッキーな国だな。With wonderful weather, strong labor unions and 35-hour weeks, Australia is the Lucky Country.
Australia is so far from warzones, it really is the Lucky Country.オーストラリアは、戦争地からあまりにも遠くて、ラッキーな国だ。Australia is so far from warzones, it really is the Lucky Country.

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