Daily Life

Plugged and Unplugged

Project Plants was temporarily unplugged because of overloading just as I’d been able to plug in again on another aspect.

Mrs. Kangaeroo gave a frantic phone call as I headed off on an afternoon ride to say that the humidity pods containing the Aussie plant seeds were emanating an awful smell.

I asked her to unplug the pods and headed off on my ride again. We’ll get some extension cords out today and give the pods a try again.

It seems that I overloaded the power outlet. At least, I hope that’s what it was.

Project Plants is on hold until we can work out what happened anyway.

Ironically, the plug got pulled just as I plugged in online again for the first time in many years.

One of the delights of early recovery had been taking photos and video footage of my day-to-day life and making movie clips.

Vloggers nowadays are extremely professional, but I used to enjoy making movies before I got into more physical enjoyments like cycling.

I plugged in an action camera on the bike and matched it with some great music. I hope this will lead to more, and to a higher standard of movie making.