RIP to a Ripper Bloke, Bob Hawke

Australia’s last man of the people to become prime minister is no longer.

Robert James Lee “Bob” Hawke died earlier this week, just two days before his beloved Australian Labor Party is expected to re-take office in the May 18 federal election following six years of misrule by an incompetent LiberalNational Party coalition government.

Hawke was 89. He was a popular prime minister whose time in office went from 1983 to 1991.

He remains the longest-serving Labor prime minister in Australian history.

Hawkey didn’t really have much to do with Japan during his time in office. Perhaps the closest project involving Japan was the disastrous Multifunction Polis proposal that sparked widespread outrage at a time when there was popular discord against Japanese investment in Australia.




 オーストラリアでは、1970年代まで 一部を除いて、 人間がカンガルー肉を食べることが禁じられていた。しかし、カンガルーの繁殖などに有利な羊牧場の広がりによってカンガルーの数が大幅に増え農家にとって邪魔な存在となって大幅の殺処分が許されるようになった。結果として、大量な処分されたカンガルーが使われなかった。



 日本でも 、ミートガイにてカンガルー肉を販売している。




小麦粉 大さじ2
ビーフストック 250ml



オーブンを200度に予熱する。卵の黄身と水で作られている液体を 生地にブラッシュで付ける。10分間オーブンで焼く。オーブンの温度を180度に下がり、ふくらんで黄金色になるまで、さらに20分焼く。

オーストラリアの象徴であるカンガルーを国民食であるパイという形をもちろん食べてもいいが、東京で本格的なオージーパイを食べたいなら世田谷区にあるPunk Doilyが絶妙な味を出し、絶対にお勧めします。


イタリアのデザイン事務所が手掛けたGFG Style社は、この度世界で最も格好いいEVお披露目した。

同社は、今進行中のジェネバ国際モーターショーにてKangarooという超いきている電気自動車 (EV)を展示している。



Thwack! Roo Taking No Nonsense From Paraglider

An Aussie paraglider copped a shellacking from the national symbol recently, going global with a video showing a kangaroo attacking him as he landed near Canberra.

The paraglider offered a warm welcome to the ‘roo only for the mean marsupial to pounce at the intruder and let loose with a couple of decent whacks.

The kangaroo bounded off, leaving the paraglider unharmed except for a case of hurt pride and footage that has not gone viral.

Kangaroos Played a Part in Germans Being Big in South America BEFORE World War II

Postwar South America became somewhat notorious as a haven for Germans fleeing the defeat of the Third Reich in World War II, but some Teutonic types had already made it big in Argentina before the Nazis…and kangaroos had something to do with it, albeit an extremely minor role.

Kangaroos served as an advertising figure for Sarrasani, a world-famous German circus between the wars. Sarrasani was formed in the German city of Dresden in 1901 by Hans Stosch, a clown with the stage name Giovanni Sarrasani. The circus was best-known for its elephants, but also employed lots of “exotic” peoples such as Japanese, Javanese and Sioux Native Americans, as well as the then rarely seen marsupials.

The circus boomed throughout the 1920s, when Sarrasani also wrote pulp fiction cowboy stories. Stosch’s son, also Hans, ran the circus until his death in the early 1940s and was succeeded by his widow. The Sarrasani circus was destroyed by the Bombing of Dresden in 1945.

Trude Stosch-Sarrasani re-established the circus in Argentina in the 1940s, even calling it the Argentinean National Circus to appease nationalist Peronistas at one stage.

The circus returned to Germany following German reunification in 1990 and continues to operate.

My Goodness, Guinness…It’s a Kangaroo!

For much of the 20th century, Irish brewery Guinness used kangaroos for its advertising.

There was apparently no particular reason that advertiser John Gilroy selected kangaroos for a famous series of ads featuring exotic animals that the brewer used from the 1920s through to the 1960s and still common today.

The kangaroos in the ads were notorious for sneaking away a pint of stout in their pouches.

In addition to posters, the kangaroos featured in early TV ads, adorned coasters and were used for Carlton Ware figurines and even a salt-and-pepper shaker.

The advertisements ran under such copy as “Guinness is Good For You,” “My Goodness, My Guinness” and “Ask for a Baby Guinness.”

Guinness even ran a competition to name a joey born at Adelaide Zoo.

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