Category: やばいリンガル

「やばいリンガル」Shoot Through(穴などが開くように)撃つ

  米・英語ではshoot throughというと何だかバイオレンスなイメージが浮かぶが、オージー英語では異なる意味になる。どのように異なるだろう?続けて読もう。

To shoot through something in U.S. or British English implies images of violence, but the phrase takes on a different meaning in Strine. Read on to discover how.



To be sprung in English outside of Australia implies a meaning of flying free, but Down Under it takes on a completely different meaning.



A shout can be a stress reliever in other English-speaking countries, but a source of stress when used in Strine, particularly for the parsimonious. But a shout is also an archetypal Strine term.



In British or U.S. English, rubbish or trash means something you dispose of, but the word adopts a different meaning when used as a verb in Strine.