Mystery bag/不思議な袋(ソーセージ)

Mystery bag

Australian English

A sausage. The name comes from the unfounded rumor that sausages are made from scraps of meat and whatever other item can be found wherever they are made, thus making the actual ingredients a “mystery.” Sausages, which are dearly loved as staples of the barbecue, are also referred to as “snags” and “bangers.”



Plain English


“Geez, don’t eat that mystery bag mate, ya dunno what’s in it.”「そのソーセージに何が入っているか分からないから食べないほうがいいよ。」“Gee, I’m a bit worried about that sausage. I don’t know what’s in it.”
I think that mystery bag just “mewed.”今そのソーセージが「ニャン」と言ったような気がする。I think that sausage just “meowed.”

Strine Dictionary