Japan’s Top 10 YouTube Videos for 2013

JapanTop10 2013Dancing to AKB48, watching infant girls playing with toys, lingerie and lightning striking were among the 10 most-viewed videos on YouTube in Japan for 2013. Here’s the Top 10.
No. 10 Dancer Kenji Ebina Performs on America’s Got Talent

No. 9 Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Trailer

No. 8 Lightning Strikes Odakyu Line Train

No. 7 Anpanman Gogo Elevator

No. 6 Haruna Kojima Peach John Lingerie

No. 5 Samantha Thavasa Workers Dance to AKB48

No. 4 Anpanman Conveyor Belt Sushi Toy

No. 3 God Eater 2 Trailer

No. 2 Anpanman Spinning Dreamland

No. 1 AKB48 Roadies and Other Employees Dance to AKB48