Jackaroo, Jillaroo/オージー版カウボーイ

jackaroo, jillaroo

Australian English
A jackaroo is a male worker training to become a manager on a large farm called a station in Australia. The jackaroo is Australia’s equivalent to a cowboy. A jillaroo is the name given to women who perform the same job.


Plain English
A ranch hand. A farm worker. A cowboy (male) or cowgirl (female).

Jackaroo & Jillaroo--usage examples

The jackaroo is rounding up the cattle at the end of the station.牧場見習いが牧場の端っこで牛を駆け集めている。The ranch hand is rounding up cattle at the end of the ranch.
Get the jillaroo on the whirly and bring the merinos by.牧場見習いをヘリに乗らせ、羊たちを駆け集めらせてよ。Get the cowgirl onto a helicopter and roundup the sheep.

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