Dinkum, dinky-di, fair dinkum/本物

dinkum, dinky-di, fair dinkum

Australian English
“Dinkum” (and its derivatives) are frequently used words to describe something genuine, true or honest. Dinkum is often cited as a symbolic example of Australian English. “Fair dinkum” can also be used as a non-offensive curse to express exasperation. Also see: ridgy-didge

1) 本物。本格的。本当。誠実なもの。
2) 怒る。罵る時に使う軽い悪口言葉。

Plain English
1) True.
2) Honest.
3) Genuine.
4) Faithful.
5) A mild, non-offensive curse.

Dinkum-usage examples

Today was a fair dinkum scorcher. It was over 40 degrees.今日は、40℃も超えて、本当に暑かったね。Today was a real scorcher. The temperature went over 100 degrees.
Bluey is dinky-di Aussie.ブルイーは本格的なオージーだ。Bluey is a true Australian.
“Fair dinkum, Patty. You are a stunner.”「アラマ!パティって本当に美しいよね」“Wow, Patty. You are really beautiful.”

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