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Australian Ambassador Urges Japanese TPP Involvement

Australian Ambassador to Japan Bruce Miller
Australian Ambassador to Japan Bruce Miller has implored Japan to actively engage in negotiations for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).
Miller, during an interview with a Japanese newspaper during the week, called the relationship between the two countries a “win-win” one, then went on to urge Japan to grow, saying that Asia could not grow without Japan.
Miller spoke to the newspaper about the recently released white paper, “Australia in the Asian Century,” in which Japan was named as an important partner for Australia.
Miller said that Australia can contribute to Asia in many ways, helping with economic growth through the stable supply of natural resources and contributing to regional security.
The ambassador said that security cooperation with Japan could be used in a variety of ways to contribute to regional security, such as jointly tackling terrorism, natural disaster response and maritime security.
Miller recommended Japan join in negotiations to enter the TPP, saying that it would be beneficial for it to do so. Japan is an observer to the negotiating process, but has been reluctant to actively engage due to the requirement that it open its agricultural, automotive and insurance markets to an extent greater than they are currently accessible for foreigners.
The Japanese newspaper article from Nov. 28 is reproduced below.

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