Up yourself, up someone/自己評価が高過ぎる

Up yourself, up someone
Australian English

To be up yourself means to have an over-inflated opinion of your own value. To get up someone, however, means to get angry at them, or to rebuke them.

Up yourselfは、自己評価が高過ぎるという意味。Get up someoneは、人に対して叱るまたは怒ること。

Plain English
1) Up yourself: Haughty, an over-inflated opinion of self-worth, overly proud.
2) Get up someone: To rebuke or admonish, get angry with.

Kimmie’d be a great bird if she wasn’t so up herself.キムって、プライドがあんなに高くなかったら、とてもいい人だよ。Kim would be a really nice girl if she wasn’t so haughty.
My boss got right up me for turning up late for work.遅刻して、ボスにものすごく怒られた。My boss really got angry at me for arriving at work late.

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