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「やばいリンガル」Go off (盛り上がる)

 米・英語では、何かがgo offすると、爆発するという意味を示すが、オージー英語の爆発はかなり違う。さて、どのようにだろう?

When something goes off in the rest of the English-speaking world, it often means it’s explosive, but it’s an explosion of a different kind in Strine.

Go off
Meaning in Japanese
1) Bakuhatsu suru
2) Umaku konasu
Meaning in U.S./British English
1) To explode
2) To go well
But the meaning in Strine is...
1) 盛り上がる
To have a great, wild time.
特に盛り上がっている場合、Go right offとも言う。
If things are really going great, also use "go right off"「
2) 皮肉に、go offというのは「腐る」という意味もある
Ironically, go off can also mean to rot
3) 誰かに怒る
To get angry at somebody