Australian English
When used in its noun form, daks refers to trousers, but as a verb, to “dak” someone means to pull down their trousers by surprise.

1) (名詞)ズボン
2) (動詞)いきなり人のズボンを下に引っ張ること。

Plain English
1) (n) Trousers.
2) (v) To suddenly pull down someone’s trousers.

Daks-usage examples

I got so fat I couldn’t get into me favorite daks.余りにも太ったので、お気に入りのズボンが穿けなくなっちゃった。I got so fat, I couldn’t fit into my favorite trousers.
Jacko dakked Davo a beauty as he was drinking at the bar.デーブがバーで飲みながら、見事ジャックにズボンを下まで引っ張られた。Jack ripped down Dave’s trousers as he was drinking at the bar.

Strine Dictionary

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