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Australia is, in a way, flavor of the month of sorts in Japan at the moment.

That exalted status is thanks to the humble TimTam.
IMG_6258 今、日本のどこのコンビニーでも売られているし、多くの駅売店でも販売されている。
TimTam biscuits are now sold in just about all of Japan’s ubiquitous convenience stores and most station kiosks in the capital and surrounding prefectures.
TimTam biscuits were first made in Australia in 1963. They are comprised of two biscuits sandwich cream filling and covered entirely in chocolate. They have become a symbol of Australia.
However, ownership of Arnott’s Biscuits Holdings, the company that produces TimTams, has fallen into the hands of Campbell Soup, an American company.
IMG_6259 これによって同ビスケットが日本を含めて世界中に楽しめるようになった。 
This led to TimTam biscuits being sold throughout the world, incluing to Japan.
However, it also prompted Dick Smith, a nationalist Australian businessman, to come up with Temptin’ biscuits, a fully Australian-owned biscuit that bore an extremely close resemblance to the TimTam and went on sale in 2003.
Arnott’s responded by suing Smith and the two parties came to a settlement that ended their bikkie war.
TimTamFlavors 日本では、このビスケットがキャンベル・ジャパンが販売している。
Campbell Soup Japan sells the biscuits in this country.
 今、日本ではOriginal, Dark Chocolate, Classic Dark, WhiteとChewy Caramel味の上に細長い版Fingersが販売されている。
Currrently, the TimTam flavors on sale in Japan are the Original, Dark Chocolate, Classic Dark, White and Chewy Caramel biscuits, as well as the Fingers snacks.
 しかし、オーストラリアでは上記の味の他にRum Raisin, Chewy Choc Fudge, Mocha Coffee, Chilli Choc Fling, Tia Maria, Double Coat, Creamy Truffle Temptation, Black Forest Fantasy, Hazelnut PralineとLove Potion味で販売されている。
TimTamTiaMariaIn Australia, TimTam biscuits currently or formerly on sale included the above flavors as well as Rum Raisin, Chewy Choc Fudge, Mocha Coffee, Chilli Choc Fling, Tia Maria, Double Coat, Creamy Truffle Temptation, Black Forest Fantasy, Hazelnut Praline and Love Potion,
In addition to these flavors, it’s also possible to buy Cheese TimTam biscuits in Indonesia
Cheese TimTam 日本で販売されているが他が販売されていないTimTamは、ボックス型包装で、ひと箱何個かが入っている商品だ。
Japan’s multi-packet boxes are a TimTam sales form not found in Australia.
The TimTam Slam is a well-known method of consuming the biscuit.
This involves taking a small bite out of the corners at diagonals on a TimTam, dipping the biscuit into a beverage such as coffee or tea, and then sucking the beverage through the holes created in the TimTam, allowing for a taste of the bikkie while consuming the drink.

What’s a bikkie?
Oh, a bikkie is this, too.
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